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MARCH 2020 Scholarship Newsletter

2020 AAUW Scholarship Information

I have had a lot of questions about upcoming scholarship deadlines and how the mandatory closure will affect them.  I have reached out to some of these scholarships and asked.  Here is an update based on the responses:

Community Financial Credit Union  Scholarships - Due March 15 - Application is online only.  See me ASAP if you need a transcript emailed to you so you can attach it to the online application. 

JLEA Scholarship - Originally due April 1 - deadline is extended to April 30.

Kiwanis Scholarship - Due March 20.  Please mail the application yourself to the following address:
Mike Swik, Scholarship Co-Chair
6178 Woodpecker Trail
Gaylord MI 49735

Michigan Township Association - Due April 1.  Please mail the application to the following address:
Ann Seymour
8809 County Road 487
Atlanta, MI 49709

VFW Scholarship - Due April 1 - Please mail the application to the address on the scholarship app.

William and Lillian Davis Scholarship - Originally due April 1 - deadline extended to April 30.

There is also a new scholarship for females available - the AAUW Education  Award.  I am attaching the application to this email so you can work on it over our time off.  It is not due until April 15.

If you need copies of your transcript before you leave today, so you can complete some scholarships - please see me.

You are also welcome to email me over our time off if you have questions or need something.

Danica Nowak
Johannesburg-Lewiston High School
731-4420 ext. 2107


Here are some helpful hints for your student when applying for scholarships…

1)      Get applications together early.
2)      Read and follow the instructions carefully.
3)      Personalize the application and essay to fit the scholarship for which you are applying.  Be passionate and work to make your essay stand apart from the other applicants.
4)      Type applications when possible.  If handwritten, be sure to write neatly in ink.
5)      Proofread for grammar and spelling.
6)      Be sure to include any attachments requested such as transcripts, letters of recommendations, copy of college acceptance letter, etc.
7)      Make a copy of your application before mailing.
8)      Give your application plenty of time to arrive to its destination by the deadline.

Apply Now!

Important FAFSA Information
You can access FAFSA online at

Be sure you use the website – there are others out there that try to trick you into paying
to apply for financial aid.  FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid,
so applying should not cost you anything. 

Financial Aid

Here are some helpful hints about completing scholarship applications that I shared with the seniors:

1-  Keep Organized - I would recommend a separate folder just for scholarships.  Order the scholarships in your folder by the date the applications are due.

2-  Ask for three letters of recommendation now so you will have them when you need them.  Almost every scholarship will ask for one or more letters of recommendation.  Some will want one from a teacher and some may ask for one from someone out of school.  If you get 3, you could get 2 from a teacher/coach and 1 from outside of school (employer, family friend, etc.)   You can use the same letters more than once, so make several copies of each letter and keep them in your folder with your scholarship applications. 

3-  Be sure to follow the scholarship's specific application.  If they say to write a 300 word essay, you should make sure your essay is close to 300 words.  If they say to include a resume, be sure to include one.  Scholarships are competitive and the easiest ones to eliminate are the ones who did not follow the instructions.

4-  Consider your audience when completing your application.  If you are applying for a scholarship through VFW, you may include something like speaking at the school's Veterans Day Program.  If you are applying for a scholarship through the Garden Club, mentioning your experience in lawn care and gardening would be more important.  Don't be afraid to give yourself credit where credit is due.  You have done lots of things over the past 4 years, use them to get the scholarship money that is available.

5-  Proofread your essays and other parts of your applications.  Your essay should be top quality, written specifically for that scholarship.  Sometimes you may be able to use pieces of other essays, but always address the topic they want you to write about.  When you have your finished product ready to go, have someone else proofread it and offer suggestions. 

6-  Type as much of the application as possible (unless otherwise instructed).  Scholarship committees read lots of applications and appreciate it when they are typed and easy to read.  It makes your application look more professional and that you put more time into it, meaning that the scholarship is important to you.

7-  If scholarship applications need OFFICIAL transcripts, they should be brought to me to mail in.  I will enclose an official transcript with the application before sending it.  I will be happy to mail other applications for you as well - just bring them in and make it clear if they need any additional things before sending.

8-  Be sure to meet deadlines.  If the applications says it is due by a certain date, you should mail it 3-5 days before that to ensure it is received by the deadline.  Most scholarships will not be accepted late.  If you bring it to me to send, be sure you give it a little extra time in case I am at a meeting or something. (Snow days are a common issue in Feb.!)

If there is anything else I can do to help your student, please let me know. 

Danica Nowak


Any questions, please contact:
Danica Nowak - Guidance Counselor
731-4420 Ext. 2107

Updated 3/15/20
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